US Bank Altitude® Go Card Review 2023: No Annual Fee and Generous Rewards for Foodies (2023)

The US Altitude Go Credit Card The bank is offering a luscious 4 points per dollar spent on meals, takeout and restaurant delivery. You'll also get a tasty welcome offer, a tempting 0% APR introductory period, and an easy-to-swallow annual fee: $0.

Through US Bank Altitude Go card

The US Bank Altitude Go Card offers generous rewards along with a welcome bonus and introductory APR. The card earns 20,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 within the first three months of account opening, and offers an introductory 12-month APR of 0% on purchases and balance transfers. Thereafter, a variable effective annual interest rate of 19.49% - 28.49% applies.

For ongoing rewards, Altitude Go earns 4 points per dollar at restaurants including restaurants, take-out and delivery, 2 points per dollar at supermarkets, grocery delivery, streaming services, gas stations and EV charging stations, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

There's also a $15 annual streaming credit after making 11 consecutive months of qualifying streaming purchases. Examples of eligible services are Netflix, Apple TV+ and Spotify.

In terms of card benefits, the Altitude Go is a little light on that front, but it does offer the ExtendPay™ Plan feature, which lets you split purchases over $100 into fixed monthly installments. Instead of interest, you pay a fixed monthly fee. Another benefit is real-time rewards, which allow you to redeem points immediately after signing up and making a qualifying purchase.

U.S. Bank Altitude Go-Grundlagen

  • Annual fee:$ 0.
  • Welcome bonus:20,000 bonus points ($200 worth) after you spend $1,000 on your card within 90 days of account opening.
  • Reward:4 points per dollar for food, takeout and restaurant delivery, 2 points per dollar for supermarkets, grocery deliveries, streaming services, gas stations and EV charging stations, 1x points for everything else.
  • TAEG normal:19.49% – 28.49% (variable).
  • Introductory APR:0% APR on purchases and transfers for the first 12 months.
  • Transfer rate:3% of each referral, minimum $5.
  • Benefits:ExtendPay™ plan, real-time rewards, $15 annual credit for streaming services.
  • Recommended credit rating:Great.

US Bank Altitude Go More details

US Bank Altitude Go Rewards

The Altitude Go Card earns rewards in the following categories: 4 points per dollar on dining, take-out and restaurant delivery, 2 points per dollar on grocery, grocery delivery, streaming services, gas stations and EV charging stations , 1 point per dollar on other Eligible Purchases.

You can earn 20,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first three months after opening the account. That's worth $200, redeemable for bank statements, gift cards, travel, and more.

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Redeeming points is easy - you can visit the Rewards Center online or via the mobile app, or visit the U.S. 24-hour Rewards Center. Call the bank at 888-229-8864. Your Altitude Go Card points never expire, so you can use them right away or let them accumulate. In most cases, the minimum redemption amount is $25 and redemptions can be requested in $25 increments.

You can redeem points for a deposit into a US bank account. Bank, credit statement, merchandise, gift cards or travel across the U.S. Rewards Center. rescue bank. With Real-Time Rewards, you can redeem points for credit as soon as you sign up - credit should process within three business days and appear on your next statement.

Potencial premium do US Bank Altitude Go

Using government data and other publicly available information, we estimate that a US household in the market for this card would have an annual income of $84,352 with $25,087 in expenses likely to be charged to a credit card.

Here's an estimate of what you get with the US. The Bank Altitude Go card can yield:

Our example cardholder spends $3,526 annually at restaurants and earns a total of $141.04 in cashback. Spending $4,942 on groceries plus an additional $3,009 on gas and/or EV charging and $564 on streaming services would net you an additional $170.30. The remaining $13,046 would bring $130.46 for a total of $441.80 annually. This is in addition to the first year welcome bonus.

APR-Details der US-Bank Altitude Go

The Altitude Go Map of the USA The bank offers an introductory 0% interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months. To qualify, you must make balance transfers within 60 days of opening an account. After the introductory phase, the annual effective interest rate varies between 19.49% and 28.49%, depending on creditworthiness and other factors.


US Bank Altitude Go benefits and perks

  • Robust points program:The US Bank Altitude Go Card offers an impressive 4 points to the dollar at restaurants and a respectable 2 points to the dollar at supermarkets and gas stations. You don't need to log in to start earning as the categories remain the same throughout the year. Points are unlimited and never expire.
  • No annuity:Even with above-average rewards for grocery shopping, the US Bank Altitude Go Card has no annual fee, which makes the rewards even sweeter.
  • No foreign transaction fees:Unlike some competing rewards cards, the Altitude Go Card has no foreign transaction fees. So the next time you travel abroad, you can slide with peace of mind.
  • Plano ExtendPay™:This offers the possibility Pay for purchases of $100 or more in equal monthly installments for a fixed fee. After purchase, log into your US bank account to apply. Eligibility to participate in ExtendPay™ plans may vary based on your credit account activity.
  • Real-time rewards:Get instant points for eligible purchases via SMS when you sign up for Real-Time Rewards. After making an eligible purchase, you'll receive an SMS asking if you'd like to redeem points immediately. Answer "REDEEM" to apply rewards to your card balance. You must have enough points to cover the entire purchase to receive the redeemable SMS.

Contras do US Bank Altitude Go

  • No travel bonus categories:Although the U.S. While the Bank Altitude Go Card offers solid rewards in popular categories like supermarkets and gas stations, it doesn't offer bonus points for travel.
  • Fixed redemption fee:Your points are valued at a flat rate of 1 cent per point, regardless of how you redeem them. This differs from the US Bank Altitude Reserve Card, which allows you to redeem points worth 1.5 cents per point when booking through the travel portal.
  • Requires excellent credit:If your credit needs some work, you better start applying in the US. Bank Altitude Go Card to wait. With the Altitude Go Secured Visa Card from US Bank, which offers the same generous rewards program as the regular Altitude Go, it allows you to accumulate credit and earn points at the same time, but requires a minimum security deposit of $300.

how the US Bank Altitude Go compares to other rewards cards

US-Bank Altitude Go vs. Chase Freedom Flex

With Chase Freedom Flex, you can earn 5% cashback on quarterly bonus categories such as Grocery Stores and Gas Stations - up to $1,500 in combined purchases each quarter activated. You'll also receive 5% cashback on travel booked through Chase, 3% on dining, pickup and delivery, 3% on drug stores, and 1% on everything else. There is a $200 Welcome Bonus if you spend $500 in the first 3 months and a special 5% Grocery Cashback Rate up to $12,000 spent in the first year.

The rewards on this card are Chase Ultimate Rewards points, a highly flexible currency that can be redeemed in a variety of ways: as a refund to a bank account, as a credit to your card statement, to book travel, to purchase merchandise or gifts or even transfer cards between commercial Ultimate Rewards cards (another card you own or a card owned by a family member) for a potentially higher redemption value.

US-Bank Altitude Go vs. American Express Gold Card

Like Altitude Go, the American Express Gold Card earns 4 Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent on meals. The Amex Gold Card also earns 4 points per dollar on US grocery spending up to $25,000 per year, and 1 point per dollar thereafter. Despite costing an annual fee of $250, this card offers more for travelers, earning 3 points per dollar when booking flights directly with airlines or through American Express Travel, as well as exclusive perks at Hotel Collection hotels.

Additionally, Amex Gold card members receive up to $120 per year in Uber Cash on rides and Uber Eats orders, and up to $120 per year in meal credit (registration required) on purchases at select retailers like Milk Bar and The Cheesecake Factory.

Altitude Go Card vs. Bank of the USA JetBlue Plus

The JetBlue Plus credit card is a great option for travelers who fly JetBlue at least once a year. Earn 6 TrueBlue points per dollar spent on JetBlue purchases, 2 points per dollar at restaurants and grocery stores, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. The $99 annual fee is reasonable considering all the perks like: B. One free checked bag when flying JetBlue and 5,000 bonus points annually after your account anniversary.

If you are from the US Buy Bank Altitude Go card?

The US Bank Altitude Go Card offers premium dining rewards for a card with no annual fee. If you're spending big on food prepared by others, whether it's at a restaurant, take-away or delivery, the Altitude Go Card is hard to beat.

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US Altitude Go Bank Summary

annual fee$ 0
Reward4 points per dollar for dining, delivery and restaurant delivery, 2 points per dollar for grocery, grocery delivery, streaming services, gas stations and EV charging stations, 1 point per dollar for everything else
APR & Introduction APR0% introductory APR on purchases and transfers for the first 12 months, thereafter a variable rate of 19.49% - 28.49%
transfer rate3% with a minimum of $5
Foreign transaction feesnone
advantages and benefits$15 credit on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu after 11 consecutive months of streaming purchases, pay for purchases in fixed monthly installments by enrolling qualifying purchases in an ExtendPay™ plan, redeem points through Real-Time Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The US Bank Altitude Go card requires excellent credit, which is typically considered a FICO score of 740 or higher. If your credit score needs some work, the US Bank Altitude® Go Secured Visa® card is an alternative worth considering. A minimum $300 security deposit is required, but the deposit will be refunded if you withdraw your card in full and close the account, or if the US. The bank decides that your conduct merits graduation on an unsecured credit card.

There is a one-time $20,000 welcome bonus after you spend $1,000 or more in the first 90 days. That's $200 to use toward credit or purchase travel, gift cards, or merchandise through the US Rewards Center. can redeem bank.

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You can earn points from your U.S. The Bank Altitude Go card does not use the US. Combine Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card. However, you can earn points on your Altitude Go Card and U.S. Altitude Connect Visa Signature Card. Combine Bank, up to 20,000 points per year.

Yes, your USA Bank Altitude Go Card has a credit limit which is determined during the application process. The US bank does not publish its credit limit ranges, as they vary by cardholder, based on creditworthiness and other factors.

the US The Bank Altitude Go Card does not charge fees for international transactions, giving you peace of mind when using your card abroad.

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