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  1. evanios

Evanios has become one of the most sought after employment consultants in Kerala by thousands of job seekers over the years. We intend to make a difference in the lives of many job seekers with our unique style. We consider job satisfaction to be the most important factor, so we help you find the right job that will bring you happiness and satisfaction. Evanios has a wide network with employers from different spheres of the labor sector, from local companies to multinational companies. There are over a thousand companies that connect with us to find the right candidates for their respective companies.


Attendance to Candidates

Employer Service

Contact number:7902866866

ADDRESS:1er piso, Elizabeth Enclave, Deshabhimani, Ernakulam

Site web:

  1. Job Placement Consultancy in Ernakulam

Ernakulam Jobs Placement Consultancy is a Kochi based employment services agency dedicated to providing you with the perfect job or the perfect candidate you need for your business. Hiring the right candidate, or proving you're the right candidate, can be difficult, but we're here to make it easy for both employees and companies. We offer the latest jobs and openings, recruiting and training, screening services, recruiting, background checks and certificate verification. For detailed information, contact us at 9895745101 today.



Contact number:+91 98957 45101

ADDRESS:B-2106, first floor, above KESB

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium



Kochi, Kerala 682017

Site web:

  1. CIERS Consultoria

CIERS Consultancy Services started its operations in 1998 with a clear vision with a team of energetic and experienced professionals in Kerala. We provide human resources consulting, candidate training, management training and staffing services to various service industries. Our business expedition must be attached to "learning" organizations and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. We work by merging the aspect of the organization and the innovative future of the candidate. Our professional and ethical business association with our clients and candidates helps us build a long-term partnership with our clients and candidates and drives us to orchestrate solutions based on the organization's needs. It's everyone's job to give back to the community, and we revel in our potential to find the right jobs for workers and perfect candidates for our clients; but our commitment to the nation does not stop there

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Contact number:+91 9037700151

ADDRESS:Lissie Junction, Alfia Building, Second Floor, opposite Reserve Bank of India

Banerji Road, Ernakulam, Kerala 682018

Site web:

  1. International Placement Service Link

We "Link International Placement Service" introduce ourselves as one of the leading Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India based in Mumbai, Branch in Cochin - Kerala and associates in major cities like Banglore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa , Punjab, Rajastan, Jaipur , North India, Kolkata, Orissa etc.

Ministry of Labour, Government. from india to recruit and deploy manpower abroad, approve us. We deal with professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled categories. Having more than two decades of experience in this field has honored our abilities to deploy the best possible workforce available in India to perfectly meet our clients' requirements.

Our dedicated team is well qualified and has extensive experience in the recruiting trade and is able to consistently lead with confidence.


aviation services

catering services

Engineering and project management


hotels and restaurants

Petroleum gas

infrastructure industry

Contact number:+91-484-2393959

ADDRESS:4 /1717 Complejo comercial Corporation, North Rly. Station Road, Ernakulam, Cochin – 682018. Kerala, Índia

Site web:

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  1. fast line

Fastline Jobs was founded by Pradeep Mohan in 1996 as a recruitment solutions provider serving over 18 countries with offices in India, UAE, Philippines and Kuwait. Areas in which the company became involved included employment of labor in both skilled and unskilled categories, headhunting, assessments and interview arrangements, psychometrics, aptitude assessments and turnkey recruitment.

Contact number:+91 (8137) 070 198

ADDRESS:2º andar, Ambady Building, Shenoys Junction, Ernakulam – 682035

Site web:

  1. wabi data

Welcome towabi dataMost trusted and trusted job recruitment HR consultancy run by a team of professionals stationed in Kochi. It is a fact that both job seekers and job providers have benefited from our services.

For job seekers, getting a job is about registering with us. The simple method, to call us and send your resume/CV. We would take your order to several companies. Then participate in interviews until you are selected. We charge minimal registration fees compared to the service we provide.

For employers, you have a large database of suitable candidates for your company. We have a process to verify that a job seeker's credentials are a good fit for your company. Ensuring your satisfaction is one of our great mottos. Wabi Sabi ensures that both employee and employer benefit from us.

see you later good luck


EDB service

Human resource management service

payroll service

Compliance Service

evaluation service

Training Service

colocation cell outsourcing services

Contact number:0484 – 3564692, +91 99477 27765, +91 97477 27768, +91 96452 ​​90759

ADDRESS:HR consulting

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PRG 50A, Rua Puthenpurakal,

Palarivattom, Ernakulam,

Pin de Kerala: 682025

Site web:

  1. Philadelphia Consulting

PB Consultancy, headquartered in India, is a recruitment consultancy specializing in matching "candidates' career aspirations" with medical work methodologies, ethics and growth vision. Professionally managed by highly qualified professionals and licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, Government of India, our placements with leading healthcare organizations have earned us recognition for being well organized as a leading HR outsourcing company, providing focused and quality.


PB Consultancy is a leading and specialist workforce recruitment agency based in Cochin. Approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, Government of India. PB Consultancy is a leading and specialist workforce recruitment agency based in Cochin. Approved by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of India.

Contact number:+91-484-2347911, +91-484-2347922, +91-9947145642

ADDRESS:Komath Lane behind Dhanalakshmi Bank near Palarivattom Metro Station, Ernakulam, Kerala 682025

Site web:

  1. Manpower Consultants Al Al Afzal

Al Al Afzal Manpower Consultants is the vision of a group of young professionals supported by a team of industry experts with the aim of providing a platform for clients and candidates, allowing them to communicate for a fruitful work experience.

Today, Al Afzal is one of the fastest growing and innovative HR consultants in India, with a full focus on providing quality services to its clients in all sectors ranging from infrastructure, engineering, construction and mechanics, transport and logistics, education , telecommunications, hospitality and hotels . Manufacturing industries for ITeS that are driving the engine of growth in the Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets. Rapid growth over the past decade has seen our organization grow to the competitive global scale of operations in relatively short periods of time.

Contact number:+ 91-484-4000143, 4000153, 4000137

ADDRESS:63/2585 A1, primer piso, edificio Kalpadaru, Karithala Road Near Malayala Manorama jn., opp metro pilar P/765, Ernakulam, Kerala 682016

Site web:

  1. Malabarcoast PVT Recruitment Services. LIMITED

Founded in 2008 to advance India's human resources, Malabarcoast Recruitment Services PVT. LTD (MRS), is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Overseas Manpower Consultant registered with the Ministry of Indian Overseas Affairs (MOIA), Government of India related to Registration Certificate No.: B-0231/KER/COM/1000 +5/8231/2008 . Located in the heart of Kochi, the financial and commercial capital of Kerala, we are a pioneer in specialist recruitment services that support talent and meeting opportunities.

We provide a cost-effective recruiting solution for our clients in any industry, helping them hire highly skilled professionals quickly and with minimal disruption to productivity. MRS helps you find the work that makes people happy and the skilled professionals that make an organization better. Our unique approach and high ethical standards brought the team of a small operation in 2008 to one of the main contracting service providers in India with a network of associated workshops throughout India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Middle East.


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Subcontracting of labor

document services

Travel and Excursions

Contact number:+91 484 4030641 / 642

ADDRESS:39/1669, 2nd Floor, United Buildings, Kalathiparambu Road, South Ernakulam, Cochin –

Site web:

  1. Aspire Kerala is an online Kerala jobs consultancy. We are mainly focused on providing various jobs across Kerla and also employers can list their job openings to get relevant candidate for their business growth. We have more than 2 years experience in Online Job Placement Service. To know what are the best jobs in Kerala right now? Sign up now for a free account and get jobs instantly.


online registration

email promotion

Search for job and select

SMS and email alerts

phone interviews

Job counseling in Kerala

Contact number:9633202046

ADDRESS:Cerca del banco SBI, segundo piso del edificio Chemayathu, Vadakekotta, Thrippunnithura

Site web:


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