Private versus government funded treatment centers in BC (2023)

Most people know that we have a growingaddictionproblem in British Columbia and across Canada.

But less is known about the rate ofaddictionrecovery.

The truth is that out there75% of adults exceedit isaddiction.

But it can take several tries for them to fully recover: the median number is five, but the median is just two.

While accepting the need for treatment is a major achievement, evaluating and choosing the right treatment center in BC is another major hurdle.

Without access to the right information, you can feel overwhelmed by the number of treatment centers and rehabilitation clinics available. Can you afford private ones? Are you eligible for government funding? Should you go inpatient or outpatient?

Education is key to giving people the best chance to seek treatment and successfully cope.addiction.

That's why we've provided a detailed guide to government-funded and privately funded treatment centers in British Columbia. We will walk you through the pros and cons of each option and what to consider when choosing the treatment center where you can finally recover and heal.

Types of treatment centers in BC

The cliché goes that accepting the fact that you need treatment and committing to recovery is the hardest part of the journey.

Let's be honest, the whole journey is difficult, including choosing how and where to receive treatment.

Are you going to the science-based treatment center that adheres to the 12-step program?

Or try the more progressive approach with a comprehensive rehab center?

It can be an overwhelming decision that further delays the treatment process.

This is where it's crucial to know what your options are.

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Understanding what's available and what's best for you will help speed up the process of getting treatment and beginning your recovery.

So let's take a step back and look at the main types of treatment centers available in BC:

  1. Free (funded by the government)
  2. Private
  3. hospitalized
  4. outpatient
  5. detox

Free rehab centers in BC

By free, we mean government funded.

Free rehab centers in BC receive government funding for their services, making them free for patients who need help recovering but cannot afford private treatment.

In most cases, referral to a government-funded treatment center in BC requires you to make an appointment with a healthcare professional or support professional in your area.

After a medical assessment, they will guide you through your options and explain the best treatment center for you.

They will also help you apply for a place at a subsidized treatment center and other necessary steps totreatment access.

Private Rehab Centers in BC

Private rehabilitation centers offer both inpatient and outpatient services.addictiontreatment at various costs.

The main advantage of being private with your treatment is that there are many more options and certainty available about the type and quality of treatment you receive.

With prices easily exceeding $12,000 a month, it's easy to see why private rehab centers are stereotyped as recovery destinations just for celebrities.

However, private rehab centers can be accessible through flexible insurance and financing options.

Some of the most common types of insurance used to cover rehabilitation and treatment costs include:

  1. state health insurance
  2. Military
  3. Private
  4. state funded
  5. Health plan

Internal Rehabilitation

An inpatient rehab facility means you live onsite during treatment and recovery.

At first, it may seem daunting to leave your personal comforts and routine, but hospital treatment can be a much safer experience as patients receive 24/7 care from a professional team.

Hospital treatment also hashigher success ratethan outpatient treatment, where patients are at greater risk of relapse due to sustained access to substance use.

outpatient rehabilitation

If you are looking for treatment but don't want to leave your life behind for inpatient treatment, there is always the option of outpatient treatment.

Although the success rate of outpatient treatment is significantly lower than that of inpatient treatment, this form of support may be more appropriate if:

  1. you have a slightaddiction
  2. You need a daily routine
  3. Are you looking for more affordable options?

While exact times vary, outpatient rehab usually means you go to therapy and get treatment during the day, but go home at night.

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Detox centers in BC

Detoxification is the first and often the most painful step towards sobriety. It involves abstaining from substance use until the body has completely eliminated the substance.

People who suffer from substance abuse andaddictionoften suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The length and severity of the withdrawal period depends on:

  • Substance
  • Addictionduration
  • Addictiongravity
  • family history
  • Underlying physical and mental health conditions.

Since detoxification is essential to starting treatment, most treatment centers in British Columbia offer detoxification as part of their program.

The cost of detox treatment depends on a wide range of factors, such as the length of the detox period and the medications needed to keep you safe.

The average cost of a detox program is $1,000 to $1,500, unless funded by the government.

Private Treatment Center vs. Government Funded Rehabilitation Centers in BC

You may be seeking treatment foraddictionor substance abuse and facing a decision between private and government-funded treatment centers.

Get the proper treatment andintervention informationwill help you determine which option is best for you based not only on your financial circumstances, but also on the severity of your illness and your affinity for treatment methods.

Before we delve into the pros and cons of private versus publicaddictiontreatment, we break it down in this simple table:

FactorGovernment funded treatment centers in BCPrivate treatment centers in BC
program duration21 diasVariety of programs from 14 to 90 days
average waiting time3-6 months3-7 business days
Ratio of Patient to Counselor10:13:1
treatment planTraditional, structured and standardizedDiversity and patient focus
aftercareLimitedno placesober life, outpatient, alumni community, 4 times a week post treatment
family supportLimitedIncorporated into the treatment plan and ongoing

What are the pros and cons of government funded treatment centers in BC?

Many of the advantages and disadvantages of private versus government-funded treatment centers can be applied to any aspect of health care.

In general, publicly funded treatment has the advantage of being:

  • Book
  • evidence-based
  • Accessible (as long as you are a resident)

But on the other hand, this often comes with significant drawbacks, including:

  • time limits
  • High patient to doctor ratios
  • outdated practices
  • Lack of personalized attention.
  • Bad post-treatment care.

Individuals or families who wish to take advantage of our government-funded treatment centers in BC can be assured that their physician can assist them with the referral process and in choosing the right location for treatment.

Then there are the private treatment centers in BC.

Those who have access to privacyaddictionor substance abuse treatment can access the main advantages of private care, which are:

  1. Express intake (sometimes in just a few days)
  2. Long and complete treatment.
  3. personalized attention
  4. Choice over ambiance and amenities.
  5. A wide range of therapies and treatments.
  6. post-recovery services

Private treatment centers foraddictionand substance abuse have an excellent reputation, and for good reason, often incorporating only the latest and greatest treatments, along with excellent patient care that is personalized, discreet, and even rewarding.

However, the fact that a treatment center is private does not always mean that it is the best option.

With holistic therapies becoming more popular, we are seeing an increase in treatment centers offering treatments supported by alternative or homeopathic medicine.

While these methods can still be effective and reassuring for patients, severe substance abuse must have access to appropriate medications and evidence-based treatment.

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Evaluation Criteria for Choosing the Right Type of Alcohol Rehab Center

We provide a list of criteria to consider when evaluating a treatment center in BC.

It is important to note that many people who need treatment do not have access to the wide range of private drug treatment centers andalcohol rehaband BC

If this is the case for you, the following assessment criteria will still be valuable in helping you determine whether a treatment center is right for you.


It goes without saying that price is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a treatment center.

Even if you can afford a private treatment center in BC, be aware of advertised prices and make sure they include the cost of:

  • foods
  • Activities
  • Therapy
  • medicine

Let's take a look at how prices differ between types of treatment centers in BC:

type of treatmentPrice rangeFactors that influence the price
Private Internal Rehabilitation (30 days)US$ 6.000 a US$ 12.000ServicesLocationSpecialized staff
Private Internal Rehabilitation (90 days)US$ 12.000 a US$ 60.000As previously
Private outpatient rehabilitationUS$ 5.000 a US$ 10.000Number of appointments per week Level of follow-up and support offered Specialized treatments
detox serviceUS$ 1.000 a US$ 1.500Meaning of side effects Severity of addiction Time required for detoxification
medicine$4700 permethadoneToxicity of the substance The severity of theaddictionand withdrawal symptoms

length of stay

At first, it might seem daunting to imagine yourself immersed in a treatment center for a full 3 months.

But the reality is, if you want to treat youraddictionand has the best chance of full recovery, long-term treatment may be the best option.

The most common durations of rehabilitation programs are:

  1. 30 dias
  2. 60 dias
  3. 90 dias
  4. Long-termsober lifefacilities and intermediate houses

While it's easy to be put off by the idea of ​​an extended rehabilitation period, you should focus on the duration of the program that has the greatest chance of long-term success.

A 30-day program gives you plenty of time to detox, get therapy, and start forming new habits as a sober person. But the longer 60 and 90 day programs have a much higher success rate because:

  • Patients receive more therapy and support from self-help groups.
  • Patients have more time to adjust to a life of sobriety with access to professional support and encouragement
  • Patients can strengthen their skills, boundaries and ability to identify potential triggers and temptations.

Inpatient versus outpatient

We have already discussed the difference between outpatient and inpatient treatment centers in BC.

While it's clear that inpatient treatment has a much higher success rate for severe addictions, take the time to consider what the outpatient centers in your area offer, as this can help you gain access to long-term support.

It is also possible to receive a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment, depending on the severity of youraddictionand how quickly he responds to rehabilitation.

Financial help

When looking for treatment centers in BC, it is important to check what they offer in terms of financial assistance.

Here are some common forms of financial aid that may be available to you, even if you are looking for private treatment:

  1. Health insurance:Employee assistance programs, military or government-funded insurance for public sector employees, Medicare
  2. Payment plans:Many rehab centers can provide financial assistance and even offer flexible payment plans to help you spread payments over a longer period of time.

Don't be afraid to call the treatment centers on your list and ask how they can help you cover the cost of your treatment.

treatment options

Canadians have access to a wide variety of types of treatment for substance abuse andaddiction.

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have access tospecialized programsand the specific frameworks that work for you will give you the best chance of a full recovery.

It would be wise to do some research on the popularaddictiontreatment methods such as:

  • The 12 step program
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • holistic cure

See which treatment methods resonate with you and seek them out when researching treatment centers online or with your doctor.

There are many treatment centers in BC that focus on creating a safe and specialized space for patients to recover, such as:

  1. Rehab centers for women or men only
  2. First Nations Treatment Centers
  3. Specific treatment centers for veterans or military
  4. Anonymous, high-security treatment center for high-profile individuals

Mod contras

It is important to consider what activities and facilities will be available to you at your treatment center, especially if you will be living there 24/7 for 30, 60 or even 90 days.

The resources and facilities available at a treatment center are not just there for your entertainment or to enhance the program's appeal, they can be critical to your recovery!

For example,treatment centers offering equine therapyin British Columbia they are very effective. Patients can connect with animals and learn a new skill, which can be a game-changing experience for someone who has been battling a debilitating illness as aaddiction.

Location is also an important factor: would you rather have access to the ocean, a lake, a forest, a farm or a busy city?

If you can access a private treatment center in BC, take the time to assess what facilities are available to you and consider what activities will make your stay more comforting, rewarding and therapeutic.


When researching treatment centers online, it is essential that you read reviews and testimonials from patients who have been there.

These testimonials give you an idea of ​​whether the facility specializes in your particular way ofaddictionas well as how patients respond to treatment and adjust to sobriety and recovery.

Look out for the following red flags when looking for rehab centers in BC:

  • Little or no online presence
  • an outdated website
  • There are no photos of the facilities.

How and Where to Get Substance Abuse Help in BC

Recovery ofaddictionis possible, and people who exceed theiraddictionto live full, fulfilling and inspiring lives.

In fact, studies in America have found that 80% of people who recover from theiraddictionachieved at leasta great achievement in lifefollowing your treatment.

We are committed to helping Canadians recover and heal fromaddictionand substance abuse.Canada Drug Rehabis an immersive directory created to educate you and your loved ones aboutaddictionand treatment options.

We also connect families with experts likeAndy Bhatti, a prominent interventionist who overcameaddictionthe same.

Our immersive directory provides up-to-date information on top treatment providers in British Columbia and across Canada.

Canada Drug Rehab é patrocinado por Andy Bhatti Intervention Services, Aurora Recovery Center, Cedars at Cobble Hill e Sunshine Coast Health Center.

common questions

Are there drug rehab centers on Vancouver Island?

Sim.Cedars in Cobble Hillis an expert and accreditedaddictiontreatment facility on Vancouver Island.

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Where are the free detox centers in Vancouver?

The following treatment centers offer detox services in Vancouver:

  • Costa del Sol Health Center
  • Pacifica Treatment Center
  • Addictionrehab vancouver

How do I qualify for free drug rehab in Vancouver?

To qualify for free treatment, you must reside in Vancouver and provide proof of income.


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