Download your free health and safety policy template (2023)

A health and safety policy is an important document that a company can use to outline its health and safety standards.

Download our free health and safety policy template to ensure you're covered, and read on to find out why you need one, what yours should include, and how to ensure you comply with the law.

Download a free health and safety policy template

Free Health and Safety Policy Template - Word Download

Download your template now or download directly from the Farillio website where you will also have access to the full suite of customizable legal templates.

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What is a health and safety policy?

if you areself employed,liderar uma parceria, ora limited liability company, a health and safety policy is an important document that every business should have.

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A health and safety policy provides more structure for growing companies that are hiring new employees, implementing new processes or moving into new facilities.

Every company's policies are different, depending on how many employees they have and the industry in which they operate. However, all guidelines include information on key issues such as first aid and risk assessments.

A good health and safety statement is clear, accessible and easy for employees to understand.

What goes into a health and safety policy?

A health and safety policy clearly explains what needs to be done, including:

  • Understand and manage risk

  • Maintain safe conditions for employees and the public

  • Keep employees informed of changes to business processes

It should define who is responsible for each area of ​​health and safety, including items such as first aid, fire safety and relevant training.

Most health and safety policies also explain how to handle accidents and any information employees need to know about the company's health and safety practices.

How to write a health and safety policy

Most health and safety policies are divided into three parts: a statement of intent, responsibilities, and precautions.Download our free templatefor a sample health and safety policy.

letter of intent

This section provides an overview of your company's approach to health and safety.

It usually includes details about the objectives of the policy, such as: eg.:

  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions

  • Manage risks effectively

  • Regular review and policy review

  • Employee health and safety training

Health and Safety Responsibilities

This section describes who is responsible for each health and safety function and what role they play in the organization. For example, your HR manager can also be the first to respond.

It's important to make sure you're using people with the right skills for each position.

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Health and safety precautions

This part of the policy explains how to achieve the health and safety targets set out in the Memorandum of Understanding. It will provide you with details of agreements you have made, for example:

  • complete risk assessments

  • Placing appropriate safety signs

  • Train employees regularly

The Precautions section is also where you define what happens if employees don't follow the company's health and safety procedures.

Health and safety rules you need to know

If you don't have a workplace health and safety policy, you may be breaking the law.

Businesses in England, Wales and Scotland must comply with the following health and safety regulations:

HSWA defines your responsibilities as an employer to protect its employees and members of the public. It also describes how employees should take care of themselves.

You need an update for this.Health and Safety Policy Document.

If you have five or more employees, the policy must be in writing. even if you aresole proprietorand working with contractors, it's helpful to have everything on paper in case an incident occurs or if you expect to expand in the future.

You also need to make sure that yourrisk assessment processis up-to-date and complies with all industry-specific regulations, e.g.lei de natahafor catering establishments.

report accidents at work

You are required by law to report certain work-related injuries and illnesses. If you have more than 10 employees this should also be recorded in an accident book (this can also be useful if you need to claim your damagesSafe).

What accidents must be reported?

The Health and Safety Executive is a government resource that breaks down the detailsTypes of reportable incidents and injuries. These include:

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  • certain worker injuries, such as fractures and severe burns

  • Loss of consciousness from head trauma or asphyxiation

  • Occupational illnesses (for example, carpal tunnel syndrome or occupational dermatitis)

  • Hazardous events and near misses (for example, electrical incidents causing fire)

  • Gas forfalle

The HSE also explains when an incident should berecordedbut notreported, and if you need to do both.

How to send a report

The Injury, Illness and Hazardous Occurrence Reporting Regulations (RIDDOR) are the laws that require companies to report such incidents in the workplace. Only "Responsible Persons" may submit a report and you must use the appropriate form in theHSE-Website.

If you record people's personal information, make sure you follow itGDPR and data protection law.

Does my company need a health and safety policy?

A health and safety policy is not only required by law, it also helps to ensure that you have the correct processes in place and that employees are assigned key health and safety areas such as: B. First aid, are responsible .

A health and safety policy allows you to manage risk and reduce the likelihood of accidents, allowing your business to grow and run smoothly.

How often should a company review its health and safety policy?

Your workplace health and safety policy should be reviewed at least annually. It is likely that you will need to revise the policy if you make any significant changes to your business, for example, for example:

  • Working with new equipment or machines

  • Creation of a new department within the company

  • Moving to a new location or renovating your existing premises

Another reason you may need to review your health and safety policy is if an incident occurs, e.g. B. when employees raise safety concerns about processes or someone is seriously injured as a result of an accident.

How to review a health and safety policy

Reviewing your health and safety policy is an important process, but it shouldn't be too complicated.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Review your policy and make sure it reflects current business

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  • Conduct risk assessments and inspections and speak with key personnel to ensure everything is covered

  • Record discussions and proposed changes to the policy

Once you've decided what changes you want to make, you must update your policy with all of the new information and an updated date.

Then you must make it available to employees and replace the old version wherever it is posted, for example. B. in your office or on the company intranet.

Why use a Farillio health and safety template?

Farillio created his documentation (including thisfree health and safety policy) specifically for small business owners and freelancers. It helps you fulfill your legal obligations and provides solutions for your special needs.

Our partnership with them allows us to provide you with high quality customizable legal documents.Check out all our Farillio business resources.

Here are some other free guides and templates developed in collaboration with Farillio:

  • Complaint Policy Template

  • Example of employment contract

  • Minutes template of the general meeting

Do you need business liability insurance?

If you employ workers, it is likely that the law requires you to have public liability insurance.

This coverage can protect your business when health and safety issues arise if your employees are injured or ill as a result of working for you.

Read ourBusiness Liability Insurance Guideto find out how much it costs, what it covers and how claims work.

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